Straightening Machines

Straightening technology

Universal straightening machine ebu URM

Straightening machine ebu RE

ebu straightening machines reduce the tension in the material being worked on by bending it in an alternating manner. They provide for consistently good results and defined output ratios. Mistakes on the smoothness / evenness, such as coil-curvatures and cross bulges, are for the most part removed.

Straightening technology

The ebu straightening technology covers pricey damages to your material caused by contamination as much as possible, because the removable straightening cartridge make it efficient and easy to frequently clean the rollers.

An innovative system for cartridge management and the bracing in the direction of the load provide for the highest precision when straightening and for a trouble-free, exact flow of production.

The support braces mounted on antifriction bearings prevent a curvature of the straightening rollers. They are virtually maintenance-free and constructed for a long life. Therefore, maintenance intervals have been reduced to a minimum.

In order to clean the straightening rollers or to check for damages, the front bearing bracket on the operating side can be removed and each straightening roller simply pulled out by hand.

The higher the demand on the material, the more straightening rollers are needed. The strip width of our solutions therefore encompasses standard straightening machines with seven or nine straightening rollers, as well as high performance and precision straightening machines with up to 21 straightening rollers.

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