ebu Roll Feeds

ebu EVL, ebu EVM, ebu EVS, ebu EVX, ebu EVH, ebu EVV

ebu feeding devices cover a large and uninterrupted range of applications, scilicet the feeding of strips with cross sections from 250 to 4,000 mm² and thicknesses of 0.2 to 8.0 mm.

Srip feeder / Roll feed

The design of the feeding control allows electrical interlinking with all press control systems, even of outside makes.

Intermediate ventilation realised at speeds of 300 strokes per minute through fastest acting valves and highly integrated hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems.

The devices are equipped with for-life lubrication. Dry and safely running tooth belts, maintenance-free slide bearings and encapsulated gearboxes with synthetic oil filling and brushless servomotors reduce all maintenance efforts down to a minimum.

Also in the area of servo engine driven ebu roll feeds we are able to introduce innovative innovations:

For service purposes the whole front is easy to open and reveals thus the inner life. To check and clean the feeder rollers, simply open the entire front cover. This way even marks on the strips can be prevented from the beginning and soiling can be removed.

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